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Our Story
I'm Clair Tepfer, a World War II Vet, happy to be celebrating my 52nd Wedding Anniversary with my wife, Ardith, in June of this year (2008)

We became interested in pigeons by catching wild ones for the gun clubs.  It soon became apparent some of these birds looked different and some were banded.

In approximately 1959 we helped organize and develop the Treasure Valley Pigeon Fanciers, which has evolved into the
Treasure Valley Pigeon Club of today.

We took our son Jeff and a teenage orphan boy, Jimmy Easley, on a car trip to the Tacoma, WA, area to visit Ted Klein and other lofts to learn more about pigeons. On that trip, we met a gentleman who owned a Nursing Home and had lofts of pigeons and pigmy goats for his patients' therapy.  Due to Washington State Health Laws, he was forced to get rid of all his animals and birds.  After learning about the new club in the Treasure Valley, he wanted to give us a mixture of pigeons to get us started - told us to enjoy the rest of our trip and he would ship us a few birds.  When we got home, we got a call from the train depot in Caldwell saying they had 7 chicken cates of pigeons for the club!  Needless to say, we had no idea what breeds most of them were.  Ardie got me the Book of the Pigeon by Wendall Levi for my birthday in July of 1960.  That was a great help in identifying these birds!

The first pigeons show we went to was the Northwest Pigeon Show in Tacoma.  We took 4 teenage club members: Curtis Cox, Jackie Winters, Trennis Blane, And David Phillips.  Trennis and Curtis are now deceased, David lives in Reno, and Jackie in Caldwell.  Jack still has piegons and actively flies his Racing Homers with a local racing club.
Tepfer Show Record:

Western Idaho State Fair Champion of Fair
1998, 2004, 2006, 2007

Treasure Valley Pigeon Show
Champion of Show 2004
Res Champion of Show 2007
Best Fancy of Show 2007
Best Rare of Show 2007

Montana Pigeon Fancier Show Grand Champion

Columbia Basin Show
Best Flying Tumbler 2007
Best American Show Racer 2007
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